nails poking out in ceiling of storage bldg.

love2gardennAugust 5, 2008

Just got a storage building and there are a gazillion nails sticking out ( down) on the inside of the ceiling, I guess from hammering the shingles down .

Question is : I hammered a few of the nails down sideways in order to get the points flush with the ceiling.

In doing so it appears to have made those nails loose.

Will this cause any leakage when it rains and if so, what should I do now to prevent the such?

Thank you !

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leave them be. roofing nails are not that long, and hammering them sideways CAN cause leaks/loose shingles. best thing is if the roof is low enough that they may cause you injury, then get a few sheets of ply wood/particle board and nail up for a ceiling. just the cheapest thinnest stuff you can get, no need for major expense!

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ok, thank you so very much. I guess now the thing to do would be to silicone or caulk around those loose nails ( on the inside?) then go with the sheets of ply wood/paricle board?

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no need to seal them on the inside. if you did any real damage you should be able to see it by looking outside at the shingles. siliconing them on the inside would still leak IF they are hurt. as long as the shingles are still down tight and no heads bacjed thru them, you should be fine.

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