Craftsman: Garage door Wiring instuctions

hernandAugust 27, 2006

I just bought a new garage door opener (Sears Crafstman) and everything went smooth until it came to the wiring;

The house is prewired as follows....

1. Wire next to door for wall mount remote (not garage door) splits off into four smaller wires (Blk, Red, Yellow, Green)

2. Outlet from cieling has three wires each splinting into four smaller wire as mentioned above. (Total of 12)

3. Two outlets (1 on each side of garage door) has the same wire which splits off into four smaller wires (same as above)used for sensors.

I'm not sure how to connect the wires to where...the door remote (wall mount) only has 2 connections (wht and red) so which 2 wires from the house pre-wire do I connect to the remote?

Then the three wire from the cieling...Remember they split off into four each..what sequence do I use to connect to the motor mounted on the cieling?

Finally the sensors (1 on each side of garage door)....

they come prewired (manufacture) with a red and red/wht wired to the sensor, which 2 wires from the house pre-wire would be connected to the sensor and must I use the same two for the opposite side?

Many thanks,


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I would use the wiring that came with the opener and follow the instructions in the manual. Without some sort of signal tracer and experience I don't know how you are going to figure out that wiring scheme.

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Thanks for the tip...I thought about it and realized it made sense. All I did was use 2 wires (blk/red) and wired it as per instructions and all came out well.
System working like a champ!


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