Craftsman Garage Door Keyles entry

fourfingersAugust 31, 2007

I have a Craftsman 1/2 horse GDO model 41A4315-7D and a Keyless entry keypad model 31D302A. I am trying to change the code but am unable to. The keypad only has numbers 0-9 and no ENTER button, so I can't push the button on the opener and walk to the keypad, enter the new 4 digit code and push enter, because there is no ENTER button. I have the code from the previous owners but would like to change it to my own code. Any ideas?

- Fourfingers

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Does this keypad have wires?

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Yes, it has wires that go through the wall and plug into a wall mounted push button door opener. I took a small plate off the front and it has a 9 volt battery and a switch that says PROGRAM and OPERATE. Would I have to switch this to the PROGRAM mode to change the code?

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Good here we go. To program the keypad, first unplug the garage door opener from the electrical outlet. Flip the operate/program switch to program. Next, enter your desired four digit PIN number into the keypad. Slide the switch back to operate and plug the garage door opener back in. The keypad should be programmed.

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Yes, it worked beautifully !!
Thanks !!

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Worked for me too. Thanks much

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