garage door maintanence

andrelaplume2August 21, 2008

Its been almost 2 years since we moved into our 20 year old home. We have 2 garage door openers. One make a nasty sound when opened and closed though it has not gotten better or worse and everything functions correctly. These are chain driven by OHD company. I was wondering if there is some sort of maint that should be performed periodically? I asked a neighbor who said to stay away from the 'well' visit services offered. He said they charged him for a well visit and left him with $100 in suggested parts and labor plus a quote for a new opener on the one side. He said that was 5 years ago, he did NOTHING and every thing is still working.

What should I do, reccomendations etc etc?

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There isn't anything that doesn't require occasional maintenance. Even cleaning out from under the refrigerator. Home Depot or Lowes has a lubrication kit in their door opener department that I use. That and a can of silicone spray for the rollers and hinges on the door. Just please don't grease the tracks as so many people do. That is like greasing your car tires only worse.

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Almost forgot. Here is a website with some useful info and some warnings.

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