Need Help picking siding color for new garage?!?

dakotaloverAugust 6, 2008

We have a log home, and we are building a new detached garage. The home is stained a darker red cedar color with green trim/windows and a tan roof. I am having trouble trying to pick a siding color. We decided to go James hardie or a cement siding for easy maintenance. We were considering going a countrylane red with beige trim/garage door (a barn look), but I am concerned about it being too overwhelming. Any ideas or photos?

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I love log homes! Why aren't you building a log garage?

I'm certainly no expert but have you considered painting the garage the same color as the trim on your house? It seems like red siding might look like you were trying to color match the dark red cedar but failed since they're completely different materials. On the other hand, the reds might actually compliment each other. What do I know?

You may want to post this on the decorating forum too. It's a very active forum and folks there are very helpful with both interior and exterior design. In fact, if you can post a photo of the garage (or a model) on the decorating forum, someone there will probably Photoshop different colors onto it for you, which is really helpful.

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Thanks for your post. We looked at a log garage, but want something w/out the upkeep like our house and deck have (restaining every few years). That's why we turned to the cement board. Unfortunately our home has years of stain on it and is not an exact color match to what I can get, so I think I would have trouble matching the stain exactly and none of the prestained cement boards match either. Since it is a detached, that is why I was looking at going something different, but am having trouble deciding. How do I post a picture?

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