Sheesh! It's only 41deg here!

Faron79May 14, 2014

It's been a cool, damp run of weather this Spring, way up in the "North-land"!

I don't think we got to FIFTY today?!?!
Yesterday I heard that we hit 93 last year....WOW! Was just one of those "one day spikes" though.
Trees are barely leafing-out...Uffda!

How's everyone else's Spring going?


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94 here today, almost no humidity, and lots of brush fires to the south (SoCal). Too little rain, too hot, too soon. Not looking forward to the rest of the summer :(

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Wish I could send some of this cool/damp stuff to you guys!!


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Annie Deighnaugh

We finally have some spring here. After all this cold weather, it seems that my lily of the valley went from nothing to blooming in a week! I did some planting of my annuals the other day and yesterday we tied up the peonies. Right now, the lilacs are blooming and the fragrance is wonderful.

We had a nice day the other day so the windows were all open. Just wonderful. But now our entire house has a fine layer of yellow pollen from the maples! Time to get dusting!

We also have had babies. One geese pair had 8 and another has 5....unless that's the 8 that lost 3...we're not sure yet.

So yeah, better late than never. Hang tough Faron, it'll come your way soon!

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Elraes Miller

Jumping around from 80s to 40s and then add some 10 degree windchill. I had to disconnect hoses for 2 days of night freezing and watched 4" of snow gather. Rest of the week climbs to high 70s. This is our norm though and gardening takes second place. At least we had some moisture.

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It's been in the 80's, but today....Surprise! It's back in the low 50's this morning and will only make it to the 60's today and tomorrow. Not that I'm complaining too much. Typical southern spring. We rock along having a nice spring and then, Boom, it's HOT!

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Chicago north suburb - It's 42 here, 8am Thurs. We've had a couple of days that felt like spring but it's a really slow, cold start with lots of rain.

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Annie Deighnaugh

OK, verified this goose family has an octet, the other a quintet....lotta geese!

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It has been 100+ here with wind gusts of 25mph, they just lowered estimate to 97 for our area for today.....yep, we are in the Carlsbad, CA wild fire area....we are fortunate to have power and cable/internet.....evacuations and some property losses start less than a mile from our house, roadblocks started about a half mile from us....the fire crews have been amazing...limiting is all the "natural" areas that are required to grow unabated that are burning and making for hell on earth....the morning air reminds me of camping in my youth where you get up and smell the remains of the campfire.....ash is all over everything outside.....I returned home from an appt at 10:30am yesterday and noticed it was already 98 out, about five min later and saw the plume of smoke, narrow but black at the bottom, and thought it might be a car accident...but it went on from there and quickly covered the sky......though we have not lived in "rural" areas, we have been very near other fires....the worst being the Harmony Grove fire 10 years ago. We are fine but many in the greater San Diego area are still suffering fires and more homes were lost last night in the San Marcos area fire that is unabated and grew overnight....there are acres and acres and acres of wild natural brush out that way and the wind is just spreading the fire, eventually coming upon is from our backyard yesterday afternoon

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, gosh, luv-r, praying for you all!

It was in the mid 80's here, pushing 90, now back to the 60's. The dogwoods are done, the iris are bloomed out, roses are budded showing color(that would be the few of mine that survived winter) In town the Knock Outs are a knock out!! I refuse to plant KO' fragrance.


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We are having a glorious spring! Spring comes early here to SE TN. Yesterday we hit 90 but for now we have the lower humidity. Today, however, we will be in the 60's! We had rain/storms come through last night and along with that a cold front. Beautiful weather predicted for the next several days, although cooler than average. Fine with me as we are soon headed out on a camping trip.

Nancy - my knock-out and drift roses are blooming their heads off! My magnolia is starting to bloom. YAY!


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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

Yesterday morning at a quarter to 6, it was 20 degrees here. The predicted low was supposed to be 33. I had covered my Japanese maples but they still did not like it one bit. We will be in the 80s this weekend but I these spring swings break my heart in the garden.

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Elraes Miller

Golden, I've been watching the fire (net). My mother lived in Carlsbad for 25 years, my husband I had an avocado orchard/home in Fallbrook. It really saddens me to see all the destruction, toll on home owners and fire fighters at hand. We moved just before the last Fallbrook fire, now in CO to watch devastation that hopefully will not repeat itself this year. There are major abatements going on and workshops to help in doing so. Be safe....

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Lv_r_golden, I hope your home stays safe from the fires. I'm north of you in south Orange County and live on a canyon, so I'm always worried during fire season. It looks like we will have an extremely hot, dry summer.

I already had a bird in the house yesterday because my doors were open trying to vent out the heat. At least, I was able to get this little guy to fly back outside. Sometimes, they get stuck trying to fly out through the skylight.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Yikes! Stay wet LR-v-golden! How scary is that!

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