Advice on hardwood transition

antikantianMay 30, 2012

I'm about to change the flooring in my home study from carpet to hardwood. In the rest of my home I have 3" light bamboo on a concrete subfloor (this is a converted 1930's department store, not a basement), and was thinking of going with a dark 5" hardwood, since I don't want it to look like I am trying to match the bamboo. How do you think this will look?

Any other advice on this flooring change before I start looking for hardwoods? My initial thought was that I would like to go with a darker walnut, with some shade variation between the boards. Are there any other species that you would suggest? I don't have kids, but I do have a calm standard poodle who doesn't run in the house. I think that walnut is a softer wood, correct?


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You are right that walnut is softer. But all wood will dent, scratch etc. And given your current conditions with no kids and a non running dog any species you decide will be fine.

If price is a concern walnut may not be the best. But then again theres not too many natural dark species that arent expensive.

Are you going prefinish??

Another species options to consider that are naturally dark with different shade variations are most exotics.

i.e Ip� (brazilian walnut) Brazilian Cherry. Santos Mahogany. Teak. And theres more.

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Thanks for the suggestions. My study is only around 170 sq. ft., and I'm prepared to go up to around $10 per sq. foot uninstalled. I'm definitely leaning heavily towards pre-finished, as I want to avoid the dust and downtime. I told the salesperson at the local flooring store that the subfloor was concrete, and he said that glued down engineered would be the best option - is that right?

I saw a lot of nice walnuts and exotics at the Armstrong website. Are there some other manufacturers you might suggest I look at? Thanks again!

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Glue is a good option. Armstrong is a good brand. Other brands may have a more specific look you may like so i really cant say this brand over that brand. As long as you stay away from the big box stores i think you will be okay.

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I say stay at about the same or close thickness flooring as your light Bamboo. So the transition won't be quite apparent. Having your study new flooring run a different direction or 45 degree could make it more indenpendent of the rooms. As for color, contrast is a good idea. Besides what "gregmills" mentioned, there are many dark stained oak, maple and hickory could work for the same purpose.

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