Installing vents in wooden shed

dee_can1August 17, 2010

We had our shed built by someone who didn't put vents in it. It gets pretty hot in there, so I'm thinking of putting some vents in myself.

I'd rather just put them in the wall of the shed, and not the roof - is this a good option, or is the roof best? How many vents do you need? I gather I just saw a hole and put the vent over it (and some screening to keep bugs out)? : P The shed is 8' x 10'. Thanks for any help.

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We have a 10x12 shed with a turbine vent on top, wind activated. We also open a window in the summer otherwise the vent doesn't do a whole lot.

Vents come with screens built in.

Just cut a hole in the roof and slide the top under the shingles and the bottom over.

One should be enough.

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A couple of 8" x 16" vents near the bottom of the wall and a couple of others up high in the gable ends should provide decent ventilation. You can find the louvered, screened vents at the big box DIY centers.

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Thanks for your responses hendricus and randy. It sounds like I'll go with the louvered ones. And I didn't know they had screens, so sounds good. : )

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