ilmbgSeptember 22, 2008

I recently purchased a Lazboy sofa- now I realize Lazyboy is not the best by far, but I only wanted a new sofa because the house is for sale, and wanted new in the living room.

About 4 months after I got the sofa, the cusions were packing down so bad, and the footrest (it is a recliner), and the footrest cusioning is also packed down- to the wood frame!!I called the store I bought it from, they came out and looked at it, and said they would take it back and order a new bottom. The sofa was gone for 3 weeks.

I got the sofa back,(December) and only used it for about 3 weeks, as I went south for the winter. I was gone until late July, came home for 1 week, then left for another month. I have used it for about 3-1/2 weeks this year. I was suspect when the same thing was happening to this bottom- it was packing just like the other was. Well, last week when I was vacuuming underit, with the footrests in the 'up' position- I saw a mark on the fram. I had forgotten that I marked the frame with my initials- just to be sure they did change the bottom. Well, THEY DID NOT!! It is the same bottom. I imagine they just 'fluffed' up the stuffing, and that is why it packed down even quicker. I have a message in to the Lazboy rep. I have heard so many horror stories about Lazboy right after I bought this sofa that I want to warn others about them. They used to be a decent mid-grade piece. Not anymore. This couch is a Wal-Mart Special- oh- is that K-Mart? I am not sure what to do- as the store was not honest. I understand there is a place where you can put your hand, so you can reach inside to fluff up the stuffing- can anybody tell me where to look, as I don't see it. Thanks

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I've had a lazeboy recliner for about 12 years. Have had nothing but trouble with it. The sliders wear out in a year, the stuffing collasped, wood split, reinforcement brackets bent. all kind of bad things. I live alone, no kids and did not treat it bad at all just a junk product. Paid big bucks for it too.
Local store is no help.

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"I've had a lazeboy recliner for about 12 years. Have had nothing but trouble with it."

I am puzzled!
How bad could it be if you got 12 years of use out of it?

That's a really long time for a La-Z-Boy product....

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We bought a rocking recliner in July and it's in the sitting area of our master bedroom and is rarely even used. I plan on calling to complain about it this next week, but after reading the comments in the forum, I'll be surprised if I get any kind of response

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westernpa.. I would imagine raiderbills sofa doesn't look too good after 12 years of not standing up well. He/she/ could still have it for 12 years, but not be happy with how it held up.
I have contacted the area rep, who contacted the store owner 2 times, without any contact to me.
I ordered another brand couch through Basista- will not use the local furniture company anymore- besides- the store wanted $2400. I got it for $1600 including delivery.

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DO NOT BUY LazyBoy furniture.
I thought I was buying a quality brand.
I paid twice as much for the LazyBoy
Furniture than anything in Raymour
Flanigans or JC Penney, Macys etc..
They promised me quality and service.
They lied. Since the day I received the
Furniture almost a $3000 purchase,
I have had problems. I have made numerous
Phone calls and emails and I don�t even get a
Call back. This company does not stand
Behind their products even within the first
Minute it arrives. They completely ignore
You. I would have never dreamed a company
Like this would have such a bad attitude.

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Isn't lazboy part of the Kincaid family? Funny how Kincaid bedroom furniture is highly recommended but sofas and chairs from lazboy are frowned upon.

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they have a life time warranty on the frame...why not threaten to stand in front of the store with a sign saying what you get some attention. Our lazy boy recliners and sofas are 6 years problems....from what you read in this forum you'd think I should be thinking replacement!

I am still trying to find out what the 'good' brands are and where to find them. I suspect the good brands are akin to Mercedes...not affordable to most....I suspect Lazyboy is akin to toyota or ford...decent..

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Dear KVictory what sort of issues have you had. Maybe they can be resolved.

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Oh my, I have used Lazyboy recliners for over 40 years and the only problem I have had is a little black powder on the carpet under the chair, I put a throw rug under the chair. I will buy another one IF this ever wears out.

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Emma regardig the black powder you might want to carefully lubricate the mechanism. A little vaseline often works.

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