Garage door opener problem

sunnos9July 11, 2014

I have an issue with my Chamberlain Garage door opener.
It opens fine, but wouldnt close using the remotes / main control panel. I have to keep the button pressed down and that closes the door.
During closing both the sensor LEDs do NOT light up.
When the door is completely closed, both the sensor LEDs light up bright, I verify that the green blinks when I put my hand in its path and all that..
It is indicating that the problem is with the sensors. The LED diagnostic light blinks twice to indicate that wire is shorted or reversed . It was working fine till a few days ago, so I'm not keen on the wires getting reversed theory..

How can I trace a sensor wire short? If the sensor wires are shorted, would they light up at all (In my case they light up just fine after the door is force closed).

Any suggestions friends? or am I looking at a faulty control board or something?

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Check the wiring. If it's stapled to the door frame there might be a short. Brought on by hot, humid weather?

Make sure there aren't any places where the wire insulation is damaged. loosen tight staples to free with wire a bit.

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