Quality sofa from Restoration Hardware?

lynnskiSeptember 28, 2005

I've always thought that the prices at Restoration Hardware are very high. And they are! But I've been looking for a well-made sofa (* Kiln-dried hardwood framing, * Eight-way, hand-tied springs, * Down and foam cushions) with simple lines at the $3K mark, and it hasn't been that easy.

Those of you who know furniture, would you purchase an upholstered sofa from this company? They have a sofa that meets all my criteria. Except that I don't want to be a sucker and pay too much for the product. Any advice?

Here is a link that might be useful: would you buy this sofa?

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I have numerous pieces from RH, and I can say they have fantastic quality! Most of my pieces were bought as floor samples, sometimes I saved 30% plus. I have an upholstered sofa with 3 slipcovers (since discontinued), the difference in quality is apparent to me-also slipcovers were VERY well-made.
One way I learned to tell quality is to push down on the arm of an upholstered piece. If your hand easily sinks down to the frame underneath then it's probably not the best. I'd rather save/pay more for great quality than pay less and 2 years later your sofa is broken down., and $1-$2K down the drain. Especially if it is well-used, i.e. family room, etc.
No, they are NOT cheap at RH. But watch for sales or floor samples and it's a little easier on the checkbook.
Do some shopping around, the quality is noticeable.

Good Luck!

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I also have a sofa from RH that I bought from a warehouse sale. My impression was that Mitchell Gold used to make their sofas. I don't know if that is still true.
Because I bought mine at a steep discount/warehouse sale it came in the muslin cover..no slipcover. I ended up reupholstering so I got to see the guts of the sofa. I'd say they are good to very good but not exceptional. My sofa does not have 8 way hand tied springs. The frame is mostly engineered wood. The corners were blocked but screwed not doweled. I love the way my sofa came out. I do have lots of time invested in it but not lots of money.
Will this be a piece that you keep for a long time or are you apt to toss it and start over in 5,8,10 years?

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I'm looking for a long-term sofa. I'm disappointed that my Roche-Bobois sofa has only lasted ~20 years. I'd hoped to buy a sofa now that will go at least another 20.

I wonder if it may not be possible to get a 20-year sofa for 3K? That seems crazy.

This particular Restoration sofa says it is kiln-dried hardwood frame and 8-way hand-tied etc. I wonder if I should be skeptical. Choosing a sofa is ridiculously hard!

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Any updates on this subject? I'm also considering buying a sofa from RH.

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Check out the sofas available from Costco's website. Most are constructed with kiln dried hardwood with mortise and tenon joints. Prices range from $660 to $1200, including shipping & handling. Only 13 fabric models but they're great bargains for the quality. I purchased a 4 piece leather living room set for $3500 five years ago and have been very pleased. Can't believe some people pay that much for one piece.

Here is a link that might be useful: Costco Fabric Sofas

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Forget Restoration Hardware - i have purchased things from them and then found same item elsewhere for 1/2 the price.
Consider a Flexsteel Sofa. Excellent construction and great reviews form customers. Most you will pay is $1500- most in the $1000 range. I have owned mine for over 10 years and it still looks as good as the day i purchased it.

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There are PLENTY of sofas that will last 20 years plus. You're not going to find them at Pottery Barn, Costco and Restoration Hardware.

Read the SMART MONEY article from October 2006 "Pottery Barn Unstuffed".

"Think outside the box" and learn what makes a good sofa, a good sofa.

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Has anyone bought the Baby Grand Sofa from RH? They told me that Lee was the manufacturer (and obtaining that info. was like gaining access to a national secret). I've never heard of Lee, but am curious about the quality as well as how the sofa sits--with down and standard.

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Consider finding a local furniture maker that designers use. You may find the quality you are seeking for the price of RH. We did this (in Dallas) and have a wonderfully comfortable sofa and two club chairs.

We also have a sofa from Quatrine that we really like.

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I bought a sofa from a place called nantuckit furniture. The couch we bought is 8 way hand tied, but this one isn't. Their Helen sofa is a dead ringer for the RH Maxwell. It even has 250 fabric options. They ship anywhere in the US for $139 or less.
I ordered it sight unseen and am really impressed. It's so incredibly heavy, which can mean MDF construction, but nope just a really solid wood frame.
Something about clubfurniture just turned me off. I didn't like the fabric options and wasn't impressed with the leather samples I received. For leather pieces, if you wait for a RH sale, the price difference isn't worth the risk IMO.

Here is a link that might be useful: Helen sofa

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Steve, I hope you didn't buy the Restoration Hardware Grand sofa! I had my eye on the Grand for over a year and finally bought the slipcovered Grand with down-wrapped cushions when it went on sale last year. I am very disappointed. The back cushions don't seem to have a core shape and end up looking like beanbags. I have to punch and pat them back into shape every other day or they collapse into a blob. This sofa is used every day and the seat cushions are now packed down and sagging in the front. I tried turning them over and reversing them so the zipper was in the front, hoping that they would pack down more evenly. They didn't. The sofa is supposed to have a casual look, but it just looks like a shapeless mess and is uncomfortable.

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I will never buy another Restoration Hardware sofa. It has a big price tag and the quality is just not there.
Cushions sag and the skirt has a crease that will not come out plus it droops on the floor. Restoration Hardware said they felt it was not a defect since I owned the sofa for 2 years.

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I have a sofa from Room and Board and while it has great style my husband finds it uncomfortable. My living room sofa is from a store no longer in existence but the brand is Thayer and Coggin. I don't know where to find them now but it is a great sofa. What area are you in?

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This year most retailers will see the costs of quality leather furniture increase substantially, thanks partly to increased demand for shoes and automobiles sales and also that processing leather is a dirty business and China, Thailand and India governments is feeling pressure to control this before it becomes an even more environmental disaster in their countries.

You will start to see more processed leather that is derived from scraps and vinyl that imitates leather in the medium to low price point.

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In response to cuchie,
I too have a flexsteel. After long research, both physical testing, and product information. I believe it is considered mid-high range as far as quality goes without the showroom prices. The framework, the cushions, just the simplicity along with the logical aspects ( support beams in the mid of our sectional. I especially LOVE the fact that the back support is great I think due to the fact that it is actually connected to the couch itself unlike a lot of mass produced sofas with flimsy halfed filled back cushions, almost deflated, sitting in the showroom. Price is one factor. It isn't the only factor when deciding on a purchase. Sometimes fabric over leather, sales on certain styles that are discontinued are great places to start if a liitle money is to be saved. But all in all don't expect a $200 sofa to "last" like a sofa that is $2000. And on top of that I went back to the store for more shopping, at which point my sofa was marked with a sale tag for $200 less (discontinued). Great sofa, custom fabric, great price, kept my eyes open and got $200 back.
So when I stepped into the showroom of rh in santa monica, ca I still shopped just because its what I do. I do notice the same things as one person noted, sagging, creases. Yes I guess its character, but, it seemed to already show in the showroom, so I didn't like it. Also I think its important to note that if the shape of the sofa, and ease of maintnence is important, pillowed backs on sofas are extremly difficult to maintain shape and firmness, and if you have kids, castles will be built with them. (It was our first sofa set, don't regret it, it was used for many years and hassince been handed down. I would say that it is crucial that the seat cushions especially on fabric, depending on the construction, if they lift away from the sofa (well they should), for it to be double sided, both for cleaning, and rotating to maintain an even usage of cushions, after those requirements are made, if warranty is important, available, reasonable, make sure its worth paying for.
As for a rh sofa, I think I would only consider the kensington, maybe, on sale, for its simplicity, but logical construction. It also seemes to be the only sofa with an attached back, thus the highest priced (fabric)
But before you make this purchase, google quality furniture, shop locally to reduce eliminate delivery, shipping, and when shopping for your piece, sit down with a cup of coffee, tea, whatever and do what you would with it at home, then make a decision.

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Hi, I have spend over 20k on furniture from restoration hardware over the last year. One of the pieces that I loved the most was their Kensington sofa in vintage cigar, which I bought 2 matching. Unfortunately, only 2 months after purchase, one button popped and I notice that there are more loose. Called the company and their service is useless. What they tell me is that you have 30 days return policy and after that you are on your own. Excuse me? 8 thousand dollars on 2 sofas and you even don't care? Will not buy again from them and I strongly recommend agains their company.

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I sure wish I'd followed Margie's advice (marjimae@aol.com) on Aug. 18, 2008. She said not to buy a RH piece, and she was right! We bought the Baby Grand Sofa with the down blend cushions about that time, and now three years later, we're buying a new sofa. We had the exact same issues she did. The back cushions on the RH piece, made by Lee, really do look like a bean bag, and they have for a year or two. The seats are very uncomfortable too. When I called Lee, they wouldn't even talk to me, and told me I would have to go back to RH, which was of no help. I called several times two years ago, and they were not responsive. We're buying spring down this weekend, and my strong suggestion is to avoid RH sofas.

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Now, the question is TRS--has anyone purchased a TRS sofa, especially one with Chastworth Down seat cushions? I've never heard of the company, but it's been recommended by several designers, and after sitting on a few, I can understand why. I'm just not sure of how long that feel will last.

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I bought a grand scale roll arm with chaises. it cost me like $5000 out the door. The feather began to fall out within the first year. It is completely useless now after 4 years. DO NOT BUY Restoration Hardware sofas. 5k for 4years is terrible.

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To get a great price on a RH sofa , find an outlet. There are several in the US. We paid $700 for a slipcovered Grand roll armchair and $1300 for a Belgian Classic roll arm couch. These are both down wrapped with great slipcovers. Which ever outlet is closest to you will send a weekly email letting you know what is coming on the truck that week. The only downside is you need to arrange for delivery if you don't have a truck.

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I agree with Suzanne one of the best places to purchase a set from RH is at one of their outlets. These are usually returns so check it out carefully, but you can get some great buys at an outlet and I think they will also negotiate on the price.

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