Sears Garage Door / Remote troubles

weeandbeeJuly 21, 2009

I have what appears to be an ancient Sears garage door opener (model 139.53515SR). The button on the wall will make the door open, the keypad outside the door works also, but the remote (with a brand new battery) is not working. I have made countless attempts to reprogram the remote (Craftsman# 139.53778 & 9-dip switch) with the opener (just a white/gray learn button-no dip switches), but to no avail. What else can I try? I emailed Sears, was given a phone number-called Chamberlain & was told it was too old and they could no longer "cover" that opener for liability issues. So, even if they knew how to help, they couldn't. Heeeeeelp! Thanks! Oh yeah, is it possible for the little transmitter inside the remote to just be broken, breaking any communication with the opener itself? I already tried pushing the learn button and pushing the remote, pushing the learn button & holding for 30 secs. Light never blinked, never heard a click. I know there's a short in the actual lights on the opener b/c they flitter on & off sometimes, but usually don't work at all. Main concern is the remote though. Thanks for any advice!

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It is quite possible for the transmitter to be broken and also the receiver inside the motor unit. Due to the age of the opener I would upgrade to a new model.

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