Olefin or nylon best way to go

loriann246May 1, 2011

I am shopping for new carpet for our family room. The one that we like is a loop berber, 85% olefin and 15% nylon, made by Mohawk, a 15 year warranty. I have read a lot about the downside of olefin and am very hesitant to go with it, but we cannot find the same look in a nylon and I have shopped for weeks. We want something with a color specs to match the cut pile berber throughout the rest of the house. The salesman assures me that we don't have to worry about the olefin keeping its "fluff", that it is only a concern with cut pile styles. So, please, carpet experts out there, any advice? The price is about $4 a sq foot installed, which is not much less than a good nylon. I should mention that this room is the pass-through from the garage and laundry room to the rest of the house, and therefore gets a lot of traffic. We also have a 5 lb dog that has "accidents" once in a while, and olefin might be the best for no stains.

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The salesman is right. Olefin or polypropylene in a pulled down loop over an appropriate cushion will be fine. A disaster if a cut pile, but very common in a Berber and will do you just fine. the nylon is there, for the vibrant colored flecks.

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Floortech--thanks, your expertise is much appreciated! Does $4 a sq ft installed sound reasonable for this type of carpet?

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It should be a fairly heavy weight for 4 bucks a foot. carpet has really risen since 2nd week of February.

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