How can I tell if GARAGE door is insulated?

dabunchJuly 30, 2007

Someone please explain in non-technical terms how I can tell if my garage door is insulated by just looking at it?

Please tell me in detail, the difference between the outside looks of insulated & uninsulated doors. Are there screws, lines, layers that I can see looking at the door, without cutting a cross section?

We moved into new construction 3 months ago. The contrat called for insulated doors,but you never know. The builder loves to cut corners. The garage was ok. It was a bit cold.

Now it seems to be hot. We haven't even had any real hot days this summer. If outside is 87, the car in the garage shows 102 degrees.

Cripe my alarm will go off at 120 degrees in the garage. If our temps outside go any higher, it will be a problem

The walls are insulated with R-13, I believe.

I know it's not a tight seal around the doors....but please.


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If you look at the inside of door it will look like styrofoam ( have no idea how to spell that ) is in between all those silver bars your hinges attach to. (otherwise known as stiles) It will be white and flat. If you can see the panel design from inside and outside the garage then the door is not insulated. If it is an insulated door you should only be able to see the panel design from the outside.

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Thanks for your help.

The door IS insulated. I guess we better have it sealed better or something to keep the heat out.

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