1950's truck - stake holes - help some kids make this work

gardurnitJuly 31, 2009

Smart help needed for two new 'owners' of a flat bed truck to hold material in / on the bed.

My son has acquired a truck , 2 ton F350 flatbed which he's going to use to help a friend who has

generously offered to give him free housing for the next 3 years in college if he will help him to

fix up an older home which his friend bought or inherited.

The problem today is that nothing will stay on the bed of the truck and no one has any money to buy anything. Here's what they have to work with:

There are stake holes around the bed.

The truck is a 1950's F5350 flatbed Ford. It's in good condition and runs well. I'm concerned about wet weather but today it's dry streets.

They have no method to keep materials from sliding around. I don't know what to tell them and no one can help except you folks.

1. They need a good forum to visit for regular help with this truck and the adventures to come

2. They need a plan to use the truck properly. From small things to large things they don't know how to haul stuff. Right now it's a bowling ally with stake holes in each 4 feet of space. I don't know what to tell them. I measured the

holes. Am not sure what to put in them to make up something for them to tie down to. Tip: They do have 2 or 4 ratchet , trucker type , tie downs on each side. That's good. Right? The ratchet's work and I guess they need some

kind of nylon straps now. But that's only part of the equation. Remember $40 to them is like a months worth of food.

I will pass on whatever you all suggest. please write up a 'to get' list for them. It will make an old man feel good.

Thank you.

PS. They have a lot of space on this truck bed to work with. Can it be turned in to a kind of workbench? Any books

for advice would be appreciated. They're good boys with plenty of heart. It's hard to find good help for them. And they're smart and patient. I won't be there to help but I can pass on what you suggest and try to liste to their problems.


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You need to see what the stake hole dimensions are, and get some lumber at least that big.

Many are designed to take 2x4s, some larger and thicker wood.
If they are larger than 2zx4 pockets they ends of 2x4s can be padded out to the required thickness.

Cut the stakes to length and wedge then in the pockets.

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