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blueeyes64July 20, 2006

I have a craftsman opener that seems to not close via car remote or inside garage remote (did not install outside keyboard). It seems to do this between around 3 to 6:00pm and I live in is blazing hot (104 degrees) now, and when it was less hot approximately 90 degrees.

I suspect there is problem related to hot temperatures as the problem resolves after 6:00pm. The door will close sometimes after several times, yet other times it won't--leaving me to disengage it and manually close it.

A friend (no repairman) said it could be that the codes are confused by neighbors who are coming home, when they then use their GDO. I am not certain since most neighbors tend to not be home--though the neighbor behind me (retired) and beside me do arrive at odd hours. None of them are having any GDO problems. Help! I am female, ignorant, but not dumb (as I have read and stated by others) on earlier forums. I may not be on the computer all night or during the day, but I will check tomorrow for any suggestions. Thanks.

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Forget about your neighbors confusing your code. That won't happen. Heat can always be a problem but it seems strange your problem runs between 3:00 and 6:00. Have you added anything new inside your garage that might be on during this time? Some things that use wall warts (little plug in transformers) have caused interference. If you have added anything new try unplugging it. Even inside your house.

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Thanks Don for your response. I do not recall any new items, but I will discuss it with my husband.

It happened again today at 3:30. It's daily now, whereas 2-3 weeks ago it was only 1-2 times a week--yet was able to get door to close usually with several attempts of pressing car remote. I said temp was 104, it was 107 and we are burning up--thank God for a/c.

A little more details of current situation:
The door starts to move and then will return, there is no one level--it can stop almost immediately or be half-way to near the end and it will return to full open position.

I notice that if I am successful at closing the door (after numerous attempts waiting 15-20 seconds to press car remote again) I usually have to back up approx. 20-30ft. for the door to finally close if it will--it does about half the time.

Thanks again. If more detail info. rings a bell to others problems, please respond.

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If the door starts to close and then reverses to the open position it is most likely the sensors in the doorway. Make sure they are pointed directly at one another and the small light on each one is on and not blinking. If it is blinking you must get real close to see it. Tweak them until it no longer blinks. The other thing you can try is to increase the 'down force' just a tad. The 'down force' control is located near where all those white wires go. Don't overdo it as it affects the safety.

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