Ceiling too high for garage door

mspeg1July 4, 2008

I bought a garage door that is 7 feet tall. My garage ceiling is 8'4" from the floor. I cannot exchange the door. How can I lower the ceiling to accomodate the door.

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actually that sounds abotu right, the ceiling must be higher in order to accomodate the tracks and opener. the actual door opening is all that must be the same height as the door, and that is done by trimming it out.

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Hang the tracks and opener motor with angle iron from the ceiling. Ceiling could be 15' if you had enough angle iron. :)

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LOL yes, as long as the opening is right (and it usually has to be slightly oversized, if you can't return the door, you may as well open the instructions and see what it says about the opening size and what calculations you need to make...

You will need, as terps02 said, angle iron/dexion/l-shaped slotted/drilled metal strips. Just like any garage ceiling you've probably seen, you use these to suspend and mount the door opening rails. They will not go much higher than the door opening, as the door needs to end up horizontal when it's fully open.

You could probably mount the thing using wood, too, but I've never seen anyone do it.

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