Installation of 1/2 HP Craftsman

bulldogbenJuly 9, 2006

I'm trying to install a 2001 Craftsman 1/2 HP unit with a model #13953975SRT1. I recently purchased this from an auction on e-bay. It came with no instructions and from communications with the seller he has no idea how it was either installed or taken down. I have searched everywhere and no one has a installation manual; not even Sears. The problem : There are three terminals on the unit itself and 4 wires necessary to make everything function. Any ideas on which wires to connect to which terminal?

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I could only offer a guess. If you have three terminals and four wires, two of the wires must share a "common" terminal. Since it's easiest to share the middle terminal I'd bet the wires hook up A-B and B-C.

You might also look around Sears' website (and since Chamberlain makes a lot of Craftsman openers, their website too) for a similar model. I'd bet the wire plan is the same for most of the units.


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There really should be 6 wires and 3 terminals. 2 wires come from the wall button and 2 wires come from each of the door sensors. Let's just hook up the 4 that you have and I have to assume they are from the door sensors. Each set of wires has a solid white wire and a white wire with a black stripe. The 2 solid white wires go to terminal 2 and the 2 white wires with the black stripe go to terminal 3. If you get the correct wall control with wiring, the white wire with the red stripe goes to terminal 1 and the solid white wire goes to terminal 2. Hope this helps you.

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