Roadbase suggestions/advice? (Crushed concrete)

Alexz7272July 26, 2014


So we purchased a foreclosed house in which the previous owners were clearly not happy about, The home was in pretty bad shape, with the driveway being no exceptions. It literally looked like they attempted to take some of the roadbase backout with them and dug some nice holes in the path. So we are looking to change/repair the roadbase leading to the house and garage/workshop. We live on about 4 acres and have a curved driveway lined by trees, we really do not want to pay the money to have an actual asphalt driveway put in. We went and looked at a local rock supplier and liked the appearance (and price) of the crushed concrete. Has anyone had experience working with this kind of material? We are first time homeowners so all help is greatly appreciated. The roadbase will actually be covering quite a bit of space including in front of a 2 car attached garage and a 3 car 'workshop' garage.
Thank you!

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Crushed concrete is an excellent material for driveways and parking areas. It doesn't dust up very bad like limestone and stays in place very well once it settles.

You should walk over it a few times though to pick up any wire and nails that could puncture a tire.

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I am going through this same situation myself.
We have just over 5 acres, with a long curved driveway, that drops down to a separate shop also.
My findings, after having half a dozen estimates from different contractors:
The 5/8" crushed rock interlocks well, but you will have dust (good base, if you decided to go with asphalt later).
Crushed concrete also a good base, interlocks, not as much dust, but some, and some pits crush them too small, making it powder like (non-effective).
Third option was ground up asphalt-great base for actual asphalt later, if you choose, no dust, will actually melt into each other in extreme sun, it's black, and compacts very well.
Ground up asphalt is the option I am going with.

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