Craftsman 1/2 hp only goes partway

athikerJuly 19, 2007

I have a Craftsman 1/2 hp model 139.53995SRT mfg in 10/2001. I've owned this home about a year and have had intermittant problems the whole time. A spring finally broke a month or so ago and I had both professionally replaced. I know he also set the down and up limit parameters. He said my problems could be that on hot days (live in the south) that the board could over heat after a few uses.

Problem will occur both closing and will go part way and then stop. Sometimes it will reset quickly and if I hold the button down it usually will go all the way. Sometimes it won't reset for a few hours and I have to use the red rip cord release. By reset I mean the green light on the wall button relights.

The last few days it has not reset at all. The one sensor is constant yellow. The green sensor is dark. I can move it around a bit and get it to light, but only for a moment as it will flicker then go dark. Jiggling the wire seems to have no effect. Help!? sensor? New board? New everything?


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A bit more info...the door moves freely when 'unhooked'. Also I just tried uplugging it, waiting and replugging it in (hey works w/ computers sometimes!) and I got a few garage light blinks out of it. They seemed to be spaced single blinks...then they stopped. I think a similar thing happened earlier...right after the door halted...the garage light would blink every once in a while, but stopped after a while.

I then walked over and pushed down on the door (its about 2 feet up right now and engaged) and I noticed the green sensor light would blink on the first few times I pushed down. Then that stopped as well. Now nothing again. I unhooked it to lower it and put a wooden handle in a rail gap to try to secure it overnight.

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