Any experience with furniture and Sunbrella fab

ThePaterFamiliasSeptember 24, 2012

We're needing a new sofa. Really interested in the quality and look detailed on

But I'm a little nervous about ordering and paying for something sight unseen that won't be delivered for 7-10 weeks.

Has anyone used

Also, I sleep on the sofa more nights than not, because I don't sleep well sharing a bed with anyone - even my wonderful wife. Plus, it lets me get up and roam around without bothering her or the kids.

I'm interested in getting a sofa in Sunbrella fabric, especially something that looks and feels like heavy canvas. But I want to make sure it's safe to sleep on for 8 hrs every night. Don't want to be breathing in a bunch of nasty chemicals or odors.

Thanks for any help provided.

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We ordered a sleeper sofa from Carolina Chair last year. The quality is just amazing for the price and they were great to deal with. I would definitely recommend them.

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Great news.

Any experience with Sunbrella fabric?

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PaterFamilias, I'm looking into a purchasing a Carolina Chair sofa with Sunbrella Canvas fabric and wondered if you can tell us what you decided and how you like it.

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Sunbrella fabrics by Glen Raven mills in NC, their indoor fabrics are usually 100% polyester. Spun and dyed then coated the weaved loose enough so fabric can breath.
I suggest that you order some swatches of the Sunbrella, to see first hand.

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Many Sunbrella fabrics and those silimar to Sunbrella such as 100% acrlic fabrics have some distinct advantages these include resistance to sun, bleach and wet bathing suits. Oddly enough if you have a pet, pet hair does not easily adhere to them. They are not quite as soft as a 100% cotton fabric but they are close enough.

If you have a slipcover sofa and can wash the covers most of these fabrics are washable but a 100% cotton fabric usually washes better.

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