How to raise floor before hardwood install?

gb1337May 18, 2012

I want to raise my subfloor by about 1/4 before installing my new hardwood floor but I can't seem to find clear instructions on how to do that... It's an OSB subfloor and I'm thinking of using either a 3 ply 5.5 mm Home Depot poplar plywood (cheap) or a 5 ply baltic birch (3x the price). What is the recommendation on which material to use?

I'm also looking on info about how to install. Should I put down some #15 felt paper between subfloor and underlayment or should that go above the underlayment directly under the hardwood floor (or nothing at all). And lastly can I just use a pneumatic finish nailer?


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Either type of ply wood will be ok.

I would skip the felt. It wont do much.

You could use the finish nailer. Be prepared to use a lot of nails. I would just rent a stapler. The cost will be made up in time.

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Ok I meant to say stapler... Which I have also. It's a crown stapler, I'll see if the staples are wide enough for this application.

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When we installed our engineered hardwood floor my wife wanted a floor that was easy on her 80 yearold legs. I got a cork underlayment to go under the flooring and over the subfloor. We installed a floating (not nailed down) floor. It has worked very well but I don't know if you could nail through it. I don't see why not. Ours was 5/16 inch thick but if I recall the 1/4 inch thick version was availble as well. I think I got it from

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