Show me your oak floors~ Help needed!

blueyoungMay 2, 2013

We are buying a new construction house and we need to decide what floor stain to go with now! I attached a pic which has the same color cabinets and counter top we would choose.

I would like to go with lighter color stain, like early american or special walnut. Any thoughts? Picture would be great!

I hate the yellow or amber in old oak floors, our family room is facing south. I'm wondering if these two stain would change color over time due to the sunlight?

I went to home depot hope to see some samples (my builder doesn't have the sample for these two stains)
but end up saw two tiny pieces of wood. Too tiny for me to decide........

I would love to see your floors and all thoughts are appreciated! Thank you all in advance! I really don't know who to ask besides this forum!

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Both those colors are more in the medium range in the color spectrum.
Since you said lighter and that you hate the amber color which one would assume you are looking at a warm tone with a hint of red. My suggestion is to check out nutmeg from duraseal. Now it doesnt have to be duraseal but thats what i work with so thats what i can speak about with confidence. I believe nutmeg is a "stock" color most brands carry.

If looking for somthing darker. Chestnut is a happy medium between nutmeg and medium brown.

If your floor guy is any good he should just show you any color you want right ON your floor.

Looking at a sample board or little swatches can be decieving because onecolor on a new floor will have a different look and feel on a floor thats 50 yrds old

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