Removing vinyl from asbestos tiles in kitchen.

golchkaMay 3, 2014

In our kitchen we have some vinyl sheet flooring that we are looking to replace. I pulled it up a bit and found hardwood under it, but then pulled it up a bit more to find of what I'm assuming is the original 1947 kitchen tiles. Those are glued right on the hardwood. It appears that the vinyl sheeting is glued directly to those original tiles.

I think it's pretty safe to assume that those tiles have asbestos and probably the adhesive too. I obviously could be sending off samples to the lab, but given the age of the house and how meticulous the previous owners were with other home repairs and upgrades, I've got a good hunch that they chose to put the vinyl flooring over it to contain it.

I've pretty much given up hope on getting to the hardwood, but I'd still like to put something else in other than the vinyl sheet flooring. Do you think it's possible to remove the vinyl from those asbestos tiles without having to call in abatement services or will we need to try and put something over the vinyl? If putting something over the vinyl is easier, any suggestions about what to put there?

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Do you know how old the sheet vinyl is? There is more to be concerned with that, rather than the 1947 tiles. For many years sheet vinyl was manufactured with a mineral fiber (asbestos) felt backing. There is the potential to create friable asbestos when attempting to strip the design layer from the backing.

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