Sears Garage door openers: Board Compatibility

stevepdJuly 15, 2009

I am looking for a replacement logic board for my sears garage door opener. My opener part number is 139 53673. Can I use a logic board from opener part number 13953600? I don't have the part number for this board.

If I reference the board part number, my board is part number 41A50213C. I found one on ebay that has almost the same number, just no "C" at the end. Can I use 41A50213? As I look around, I notice the same part number with different letters at the end. What does the C at the end mean?

Thanks, Stevepd

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The last letter in that part number is the revision. If an earlier revision is used it will work but you may lose some function. A later revision is always best as there may be engineering changes that improve reliability.

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