Garage door opener....lightening damage?

robarJuly 27, 2014

We had heavy rain along with thunder and lightening. I returned home to find my garage door open. I have a Craftsman garage door opener. I tried closing the door, but it jerks very bad in a back and forth motion. It will only close a few feet and then returns to the open position. I tried unplugging the motor in hopes of it resetting, but that did not work. What happened to my opener? Did a power surge ruin it? Can I fix it?

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It's certainly possible that an electrical surge damaged the opener. The first thing I'd do is disconnect the opener from the door by pulling on the little red rope just to rule out any coincidence. Make sure the door opens and closes freely and it should balance at roughly the mid point. Are the lights light on the obstruction sensors?

After that, it's probably the control board.

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