Recliner Best Brand??

mariaesillsSeptember 12, 2007

hello all, I am in search of the best recliner. See, I'm 27 years old with severe fibromyalgia, two torn lumbar discs, and both of my hips are rotated. I am supposed to find the most comfortable recliner from a brand name manufacturer and I have no idea where to start. I've never bought furniture before, shoot I just got married. Can anyone help?

The whole reason I have to find this recliner is because I have to get out of the dang bed. I need to be able to read, sit and talk to people, and be comfortable ya know. I just don't feel very happy staying in the room all day because I cannot move around much. Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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My new Flexsteel blows away my Natuzzi, and I thought that was good.

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what model do you have? i like the some of the recliners on the website. the fabric ones look like they would be super comfortable.

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Tough Question, but I'll say that the best I've seen is Hancock and Moore. And for a couple of reasons (I own a retail furniture store and sell several brands).

I just came back from a tour of the H&M facilities in Hickory, NC and was given the red carpet treatment by Jimmy Moore, the owner and founder of Hancock and Moore.

First off, given your medical situation you are going to want comfort AND durability. That automatically means leather, as it will outlast fabric 4 to 1.

In the leather recliner world, Hancock and Moore buys the heaviest duty of the Leggett and Platt mechanisms. They cost more, and weight more, but they don't blow out the rivets after ten years of use. Most all the good companies use Leggett and Platt, but most buy the light or medium duty mechanims.

Frames are all made in their own plant in NC, and engineered to last a lifetime. They do not import their frames.

They use molded rubber atop the arms rather than just layers of Dacron fill.

Best of all, no matter how long you own a Hancock and Moore piece, they will always repair it should it need something, no matter if its twenty years old. You only pay for materials used and no labor charges. While this may seem trite, its a huge deal because if you need a leather arm replaced because of a puncture of cut, that would be the end of the chair from most makers, and local upholstery shops really can't do that - so the chair is thrown away. At H&M, you would only pay for the actual leather (about $ 50) plus any shipping charges to their facility (if any).

I have a 20-year-old Hancock and Moore recliner in my house that still is perfectly serviceable and if far from being used up. Its a good brand, and yes - you might pay a little more but in the long run it will give you more service life than cheaper units.

Check out the Austin High Back Tilt Chair with Ottoman, or the Miller Recliner from H&M. Those are my two favorites in the line for comfort.


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What's comfy for one person might be uncomfortable for the next.
Have you ever thought of getting one of those new type shiatsu massage chairs / recliners. There are numerous brands available now and the prices are not near as astronomical as they were a few years ago. Some of them are the closest thing to heaven you're going to get on this earth if you have an aching back etc.
Just google the words shiatsu massage chair
and see how many there are.
The best thing to do is find a store that sells them locally, Sears might, and try one out. These are not the same thing as those old reclining vibrating massage chairs that have been around for the last 50 years. They actually have massaging things inside that go up and down, back and forth across your shoulders, back, lower back and even your legs on some models and they're very programmable to find the setting you like the best.

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Consider a Lafer recliner.

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Absolutely the top of the line in comfort is EKORNES stressless. My husband has sinus issues and can't sleep most nights unless he's sitting up. We tested and bought the EKORNES. You won't be sorry. Leather and comes in different sizes and styles. Not cheap but you get what you pay for. Amazing. Oh, the reclining mechanism is better that the rest. It's worth going out and trying one out. Good luck!

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There is no "best brand" so far as comfort goes. That is an individual matter.

I am not a furniture dealer. I've bought only top of the line models whether USA, Italian, Scandinavian, etc. My experience from 60+ years of using chairs is that you have to sit in a chair for more than 5 minutes to evaluate its comfort.

Some chairs are hard to get into and out of. Going to a large design center where many manufacturers are represented is a good move.

I hope you find what is right for you: not what a salesperson is trying to sell you.

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I also recommend the Ekornes. We have two Ekornes Stressless "Eagle" recliners in the Paloma leather (one for him and one for me, though the cat is fighting me for mine!) and we love them. They were pricy (Cdn$2,400 each) but I'm so glad we bought them. When my back is acting up my chair is the most comfortable place for me to sit - I have lower back issues. We also have an Ekornes sofa (Manhattan).


Here is a link that might be useful: Ekornes

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i have t say that the ekornes that we have is a very good recliner. modern in styling which did not fit in with our decor, but you know something? comfort won out over style and so far no one has mentioned that there is a clash of styles. I prefer to call it eclectic... i would definitely say to find a store that sells them and try it out. pricey? yes, but there are occasional sales on some styles and you will not be disappointed

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Have a look at Stanley Chair recliners. I have bought 2 Stanley Chairs on and been using it for months now. You may want to visit their site. They have a wide list of recliner chairs that you can choose from.

Here is a link that might be useful: recliner chairs

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I dont know what the best brand is but I can give you two of the worst. Lane, and La-z-boy. Both of these brands are Land-Fillers. Lane apparently thinks that engineering means driving a train, and lazy-boy mechanisms are made of soft Chinese made steel.

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