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researchhoundJuly 11, 2007

Posted this in the "Cleaning Tips" forum and only got three hits. Perhaps this is a more suitable location for it. I need some recommendations for a reliable shop vacuum. Size isn't an issue but it does need to be portable so a centralized system is out. Cost isn't a huge factor but I'd like to keep it below $200.

Not only do I want to use it around the house but I own and operate an interior painting business and I often need to vacuum up sanding / scraping residue, dust, and dirt.

I have an older "Shop-Vac" brand unit which I've hated since the day I bought it. Perhaps they've improved???

Performance, ease of use, reliability, and noise, are some of the things I'd like to know about. Availability of attachments to purchase as needed would also be a plus.



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I have a 16 gal Rigid wet/dri vac for my shop and for larger jobs. The motor is removable and can be used to blow out the garage (lazy-man's broom) and gutters.
For smaller jobs where easier portability is desired, I also have an 8 gal QSP wet-dri vac.
Even though QSP claims to be quieter, I usually use ear protection while using either vac, especially indoors.

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I also have the Rigid wet/dry model. It has the same feature where you can remove the Motor and convert it to a blower. I use mine all the time and I'd buy one again. When I bought mine,2 yrs ago,it was about $150.00 @ Homeboy Depot. If you decide on the Rigid, do yourself a favor and get 1 or 2 of the Hepa type filters. Thier top of line one allows you too vacuum up super fine particles. Although I have yet to try it, they claim you can vacuum out a Fireplace and the filter will not allow any ash to pass through the material.

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Walmart had 10 Gallon Shop-vacs with the built in water pump for $79.00 which is about half price of what you find it for on the web. I bought 2 - 1 for me and 1 for parents who's house has a flooding problem. They had a flood about 1.5 months ago and the water pump feature did work as advertised: You hook up a garden hose, stick it out a window and as the water is sucked off the floor, it is then pumped out the window- no emptying of the buckets every few min. I originally bought them a rigid but It was missing many features that come with shopvac. Not only did it NOT have the pump, it didn't even have a drain at the bottom of the tank, so you had to take off the lid, move the drain to the edge of the door and tip it over- NOT EASY full of 10 gall of water if you are elderly. It also had a smaller hose than the shop-vac..the shop-vac is 2.5 vs 1** for the rigid, normally not big deal but I use mine for leaf collection and it does not clog as easy. It was also missing the blower feature-mine can be used in blower mode to clean leaves off my gutter screens,etc. I have not tried this yet so I can't say how well it works but at least I have it when fall comes around. To be fair their rigid works well as a basic vac, just missing LOTS of the features that my shop vac has.

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HD's Rigid and some Craftsman units tested well in Consumer Reports. I have a 12 Gallon Rigid, the standard line, not the newer top line, and it works well, a lot of suction.

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