Recs for wood + steel carriage doors?

melissa0607July 24, 2007


Anyone have any recommendations for where to buy a good (but well-priced) carriage-door-look garage door? We're hoping to get the kind that is steel covered in wood, and that opens upward.



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Call a some door dealers in your area and get some bids. The wood type doors you mentioned in your post are going to be pricey ( just to give you a heads up ). I personally like Door link. They have vinyl carriage house doors. It gives you the same look as wood, however it is maintenance free (meaning you don't have to weather treat the wood and or stain and paint it). Very good door.

You can do a google search on door link and then click carriage house and then click carriage creek to look at them.

Good Luck

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look at clopay--they have lots of options. not sure if the prices will fit your budget, but the're not super expensive even at the top end (~$1000?)

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It really depends on your priorities. If price is the only consideration, then Clopay may be a good option.

We were looking for a very specific 'carriage door' look to include larger than standard windows, a decent insulation factor, and good construction, so we paid a premium for Northwest Doors (NWD) - see other post. I have the impression doors from different manufacturers are available in different areas though, so you might find something entirely different in your area.

I definitely agree with the poster who suggested you shop around. It's the only way to know what's available in the price range you're willing to pay. In my experience, there's a surprisingly large variety of looks, quality, and prices available. I'm glad we invested the time. The best non-expert advice I can give you is don't stop with the big box stores. Instead, go to your local businesses that specialize in garage doors. We compared Costco, Home Depot, and several local businesses. Most carried several products from numerous manufacturers. It's worth the time and effort. Some of the doors we saw don't look anything like their online photos. In fact, had I ordered online I would have ordered a completely different door and would have been very disappointed. Good luck!

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Thanks for the tips!

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what price range were the NW door doors? We are also looking for this type of door for a new house we are building. I looked at the NW doors and they look nice. We have 2 doors one is 14" wide the other is 7" wide. Are budget is $5000 for both. Based on what you got does it seem doable?


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rsearcy - i just got a quote for a 9x7 therma classic door with windows (S204S & SM04S) for $1100 installed with liftmaster belt drive opener system. Hope that helps, but maybe you've already bought your doors...

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Sorry, I didn't see your question until now, rsearchy and I'm sure you've already purchased your doors. In any case, my doors were about the same size - one single and one double - and cost around $4,500 if I recall correctly.

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