Craftsman garage door opener 13953919 not working

mikekalJuly 20, 2010


Our Craftsman GDO #13953919

stopped working after a recent lightning storm.

The outlet still has power, so I know something is wrong with the unit itself.

Can anyone suggest the most likely part to replace, and how to trouble shoot to be sure?

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It's probably the main logic board. If you open the GDO up, you may be able to see or smell damage. That will verify a bad board. On the other hand, there may be no detectable sign of damage, yet the board could be still fried. The only way to tell for sure is to swap it out for a known good board.

Some of these logic boards seem to be more susceptible to damage from lightning storms than should be the case. I had one go during a storm, even though the garage had its own whole house surge protector mounted on the sub-panel. We sustained no other damage anywhere else on the property during that storm.

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Like creek side says it is most likely your logic board. You can pull this board and check for burnt or missing traces on the printed circuit especially around that small transformer. Lightening seems to love logic boards.

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In case there is no visual clues, is there a way to test the current board, (continuity check, etc.) to make sure the board is the problem, before I buy a replacement? A new board costs $105 on Sears web site.
If so, how would I do this?

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You can't really test it without a special test fixture, which only Chamberlain (the actual manufacturer) would have. A blown logic chip normally just won't show up with a simple continuity check. You need to exercise the full range of the board's functions. For that, you need a test fixture. You also need the full technical documentation, including the logic board board schematic, which is not available anywhere, to my knowledge.

You can buy the board for much less than Sears retail. Plug the part number into Google. You should get several hits.

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Hi Creek Side,
Thanks for this information.
I was not aware of alternative sources for this "Sears" part. I will look around for the best price.
Is there any special steps to replace the board, once I get a new one?

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