humming garage door opener!!!

thomaszrJuly 4, 2006

HELP! All the garage door opener does is HUMMMMM when I push the button. I took the cover off and it seems to be coming from the motor. I figured I'd ask for some advice before I went any further.

It is a Sears 1/2 hp made in 04/94. (other info on the side of the unit: HBW0777 41A4315-6A K1027) Any ideas or clues on where to start trouble shhoting would be appreciated. THANKS in advance...

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Sounds like you have a bad starting capacitor. It is usually 4 or 5 inches long and about as big around as a silver dollar. You can buy them at any local door opener shop. The 2 blue wires go to one of the 'U' shaped connectors and the 2 red wires go to the other. Easy as pie.

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Sounds like a good place to start. I'll give it a try and let you know how I made out. THANKS

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I replaced the capacitor and all I get is a Hummmm, click, Hummmm, click, hummmm, click and then nothing....

Any other ideas or suggestions?

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Is your opener stuck in the up position. Make sure the trolley isn't jammed against the bolt just in front of the motor unit.

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