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marciagayeJuly 1, 2008

My husband is thinking about redoing his workshop....which is in the garage. What material would you suggest for the top of the bench that can take a lot of abuse? I know laminates can't take the abuse. I also know that Maple is very hard....any suggestions or advise on what to stay away from. Right now his bench is 12 ft and turns to make a L and the short section is 4 ft.

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old bowling alley? The lane near me sells used bowling alleys by the foot. I would think those would make a good surface!

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have you given any thought of using a plaster cored door ( fire proof door) ?

I am a retired hospital maintenance man and during our many construction projects these type of doors were thrown out by the dozens... you will not find a better bench top for free.

hospitals are constantly under construction check with the hospital plant operations manager or the contractor doing the project and i would bet that you could get all you wanted for the asking....................

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What a great idea to recycle an old fire door! That's a page I'll be borrowing out of your book.

Thanks for that!!

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i have always just used 3/4" plywood. a true workbench should have scars. if someone wants one that will forever look like it is on a showroom floor, then they ain't using it right!

for looks i would go with stainless steel if money is not an issue. any type of laminate/composite/etc jsut won't hold up to the beating and banging of a workbench.

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I use solid core doors (new or used) for the top, then slip a piece of masonite over it. You can periodically replace the masonite at low cost.

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It really depends upon what your primary activity is. I'd have different recommendations for rebuilding transmissions, fine woodwork, pottery, or welding.

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