Garage Door Opener

christina811ncJuly 9, 2007

My GDO seemed to be working fine, however, at times the sensors would be out of alignment. I would simply adjust the sensor and down the door would go. This past weekend, I was cleaning the garage and when I tried to put the door down, it would go a little bit and then back up and the light would blink 10 or 11 times. The lights on the sensors are not on but the wires seem to be properly connected. How do I know if it is the wiring, the sensors, or the motor?

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First off it's not the motor. You really need a meter to check the continuity of the wiring but you can check where it attaches to each sensor and make sure there isn't a staple that has cut through the insulation and is shorting the wires together. Also check where it connects to the opener. These wires go to terminals 2 and 3.

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I believe the wires are well connected to the opener, terminals 2 and 3. I guess what I mean by the motor is the opener is not giving electicity to the wires. I am not sure what this part is called, but it is housed in the opener. How do I determine if that needs to be replaced? Is it worth replacing?

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