Wood Shed Foundation Level with Grade?

ammonihah99July 21, 2011

I am in the process of planning a 12 x 16 shed and need some help with the foundation.

First issue is money, I don't have any, so I can't pour a slab, it's got to be on concrete piers or treated skids (or sleds, runners or sleepers, whatever you call them). What I would really like though is to build it so that the foundation isn't raised up six inches off the ground. Is this possible?

I live in Phoenix, so it's pretty dry. Would it be asking for too much trouble if I just built the floor frame of treated 2 x 6s and set them directly on a bed of two or three inches of gravel? If foundation stability is an issue, I could include some buried concrete blocks in the gravel.

I was hoping the gravel would be enough for drainage (when it happens to be one of the 10 days a year it DOES rain) and the joists would be enough for critters to keep out. (My brother had a cat die under his shed a few years back, that was NASTY.)

I just really don't like to look of raised sheds with a gaping hole underneath, but if I must, I must. Guess I could throw on a lattice skirt . . .

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"I live in Phoenix, so it's pretty dry. "

Until it rains.

A grade level foundation when you build is not likely to stay there over time (very few structures rise over time, except maybe a basement in Florida).
That would make your shed a low point, and water WILL find it.

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Hello ammonihah99! A wooden shed of that size definitely needs a proper foundation. Check with your local building codes to see if there is specific information about the requirements in your area (contact your county Building Manager or codes office). The ordinances may determine what you need to do. Best wishes.

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