anyone have experience with Pergo xp

amylaurenMay 13, 2012

Hi. We are buying a new house-new to us-that is 30 years old. We need to lay new floors and was at Home Depot and looked at the Pergo xp line they carry. We have about 1700 square feet to cover plus stairs. Has anyone heard of this product or had experience with it? Thanks :)

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We are having the performance XP installed next month. We chose this brand because of the durability a the reviews I found online. I believe it is one of the best laminate lines available. Good luck if you choose to go with it. Hopefully, we will be happy with our decision.

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I am looking at this too but a couple months away from being able to decide. The HD here is having a whole house install special. I looked at others but so far (if we go with laminate) this looked the best and seemed to be the most durable with the tests I put the samples through.

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Maries1120, we actually set a date for June 11th today. I'm hoping we made a wise choice. We ordered from HD but could not get the whole house special because the one we chose was aintett-stock laminate. I will keep you two updated to our experience with pergo.

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Please keep us posted-we are supposed to get the house at the end of July and I would love to hear what you think!It looks really nice in the store-

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gdeann - thanks. I look forward to hearing how it turns out and what you think. The on-line reviews of the product are good. Getting my hair cut last night and my stylist said she had laminate floors in the house before this and they were extremely durable and low maintenance but they had the hollow sound. I am hoping the thicker Pergo XP with the backing won't have that issue. We want to do the kitchen with the wood look and then thought about the slate look for the stairs (tri-level house) and hall if we do laminate (or hardwood) in the kitchen. Right now this area and the kitchen are all the same.

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I saw some at HD about a wk ago and really liked it - but it's so thick it be much higher than the flooring into surrounding rooms.

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We had our flooring installed a few weeks ago and I am liking it more and more every day! No hollow sound when walking across it and I love the feel of it on bare feet. We had one box that was damaged, HD credited us for it. We also had one boars with a different color to it, not that noticable, but it bothers me. The installer said it was a milling issue, not sure why they installed it when we had plenty of product but they did. The installation through HD was okay...I guess maybe I expect more then we get now a days. They scratched my kitchen cabinets in several spots, but I can touchup. All in all, I am very happy with the product! We will probably use it for other rooms as well.

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What color did you get?

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I had Highland Hickory installed two months ago in our living room dining room to replace old Berber. I like the textured look of it and the cushioned feel -- it does not look or feel cheap. However, I am now trying to resolve a problem. In two spots the seam has "ruffled." I had Home Depot come check ir, and they said it was water damage. No windows or doors around, no leaks, no parties; just two senior citizens living here. The HD guy said this flooring is new, so it doesn't have a track record. He said my kitten walking on it with wet feet could be a cause -- kitten would have to leap over a rug first. No pet accidents, not even a hairball. Now the Pergo folks have sent me back to HD to file a claim. I would be very careful not to put this near an icemaker, a refig, an air conditioner or anything else that could put a drop or two of water on it. Xtreme Performance may only be for dent resistance.

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We just had our Pergo XP laminate installed this week by Home Depot contractors. My husband watched the whole process. When I first saw it I thought the dull, dusty areas I saw were from installation dust (although they seemed to follow the shape of some of the planks perfectly.) I just used the Pergo floor cleaner the installer supplied to 'damp' mop the entire floor (with a swifter.) There are OBVIOUS differences in the finish of the laminate on various sections of the floor. About 60% of the planks have a soft shine and about 40% of them look old and dull. It almost looks like two different lots of flooring were used although all of the flooring was purchased and delivered on the same day per Home Depot's instructions. I am SO disappointed. I cannot recommend Pergo XP. Overall I also think it looks very cheap and fake. It is very obviously different from hardwood, which you cannot tell from looking at pictures of it on the web. Check out an installed floor before buying a laminate and MAKE SURE all of the boxes you receive have the same LOT number. (The installer threw away our empty boxes so who knows if all of ours came from the same lot.) I REGRET our choice only 2 days after installation. I will not be buying a laminate in the future.

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