garage door opener installation concern

bagelJuly 14, 2007

Our master bedroom is above our garage and the floor joists are supported by two large beams which come down about 14" from the ceiling in the garage. Unfortunately, there is only about 1" of clearance between the bottom of one of these beams and the top of the open garage door.

The opener requires about 3" of space above the top of the open door to allow for the rail. I'm no structural expert, but I doubt it would be terribly wise to cut a notch out of the beam. Even if there were no problems, I would expect complaints by an inspector if I went to sell the house. Does anyone have any advise on how I can install an opener and still leave the support beam intact? Thanks.

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Here is something you might consider. I have no personal experience with this particular opener but I recommend the manufacturer highly. You should be able to call any Liftmaster dealer in the yellow pages for more help.,1064,uid-iWuAbmFkamplZQ==_1497-id-233,00.html

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I am assuming you don't have low headroom track installed. I did not check the link Don has provided you with but, if I had to guess he is recommending the residential jack shaft which is an excellent opener but is expensive. Another thing that would work is installing quick turn brackets on the top section. The brackets themselves are about 40 bucks and you would have to buy two more rollers which cost a couple bucks. They would take the place of your top fixtures that are currently on the door and are fairly easy to install. They would give you enough room to install the opener as well. Good luck.

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