Craftsman Garage Door Operer

b2dogsJuly 13, 2008

Have a 1/2 hp garage dooe opener about 10 years old that suddenly stopped working. There is a light on the back that was blinking 5 seconds, now blinking 2. There are no lights on either sender or reveiving sensors. Voltage at sending sensor was good; didn't check receiving side. There is an audible click when pressing the open button but no action. And the light bulb does not come on.

Any suggestions?

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Sounds like a bad logic board possibly caused by an electrical storm.

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Do you have a guess at the cost?

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If you do it yourself the part cost around $80.00. You can pretty much double that if you need a technician.

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Now the light blinks 5 times. What does that mean?

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Some comfort that others are having problems with garage openers!

I have 2 garages and 2 Sears GDO's. The Sears remote on my truck has 3 buttons and I use 2 of them to open both GD's separately as needed. I am having problems with the detached garage door, which I have linked to the large main button on my remote -- model number for the GDO is Craftman 139.18975 -- 1/2 HP. When I press the large button, it will not open the garage door ( the second button works fine for the other attached garage). The vacation function is not on, so that should not be the problem. The manual function of the door works fine, but it is irratating having to get in and out of my vehicle to put my truck in the garage. It was working fine -- I recently had a contractor paint the garage, so maybe he unplugged it to paint. Thats the only reason I can think of regarding why it changed. I've cleared the programs and reset it numerous times as per instructions on back, but to no avail. The green light on the wall panel remains on constantly. The only thing I notice is the green light on the back of the GDO unit flashes at medium speed intervals constantly( same as one in attached garage -- which works!),but when I push the remote, the light on the back of the unit flashes very fast, however the door still does not open or close. I have to use manual. Grrrrrrrrrrr !

I've spent way to much time fooling around with this and I'm looking for any and all sugestions? Thoughts?


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HI have a Craftsman 41A5021-3H garage motor. I'm having problem with one of the safety sensors. The sensors are not available and have to be acquire through a special order and could take 3 weeks maybe longer. So if there's any way that I can eliminate my sensor so I can close my garage door with the remote until the new ones arrives? The motor has some cables and I was thinking maybe jumping some of those cable I could jump the sensors circuit and make it function in the mean while. I know there's a way, but since I'm not sure how to do it, I would like to avoid any damage to the equipment.
Please, any help would be much appreciated.

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There is no way to jump or bypass the sensors. The sensors are readily available from several sources.

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