List of top quality Americna furniture manufacturers?

olive51September 4, 2013

I have searched these posts and the internet and hope to establish a list of the best American furniture manufacturers.

So far I have found these names consistently mentioned (though that doesn't mean it's fact):

Baker, Bernhardt, Bradington-Young, Century, Council, Henredon, Hancock & Moore, King Hickory, Hickory White, Ferguson-Copeland, Guy Chaddock, Harden, Henkel-Harris.

I am looking to purchase two leather recliners (that don't look like your typical father's Lazy-boy) and am willing to pay the price of great quality build and great leather.

I am hoping that those more knowledgeable than me will add to (or delete from) this manufacturer list, as well as make specific suggestions on brands that make the chairs we are looking for and where to find them. (We live in Atlanta.)

I appreciate any information! Thanks!

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Henkel-Harris is or has gone out of business

I used to do the repair work when the Henredon store was still open here in town. Much of it was imported. I was not impressed with the quality. Its parent company Furniture Brands is also teetering on insolvency.

Just because they are "an American company," does not mean that their furniture and its components are not made on-shore. Another company that I worked for before they went out of business imported their frames and at least some of their fabric and upholstered to order here.

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Thanks for clarifying, I would prefer to buy "American made" not just an American company. Also, I'm busted, clearly my research wasn't properly vetted and was based on old information.

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I suggest searching this forum for motion furniture or reclining furniture quality.
Top grain leather is usually considered a investment in stationary furniture. Motion furniture which includes recliners is never really considered an investment, as they have limited life as usable furniture.

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Thanks rmanbike, I'll do some more searching. I'm not looking for an heirloom piece to pass on for generations, I am just willing to pay for a well made piece with quality leather--that will last longer than 3-5 I've seen with cheaper brands in the past.

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Have you looked into Smith Brothers of Berne? I think they make everything in Indiana. I can't speak to the leather quality, but their website says they use only top grain leather. I have a Smith Brothers fabric sofa and have been really happy with it.

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Even high end lines like Baker, Maitland Smith and Century often import many of their wood pieces from overseas. Some of the finishing may still be done in the US. I'm sure that is the same practice for many of the lines you have named.

Leggett and Platt have manufactured the mechanisms that go into many better quality recliners, but I'm not sure that these items are still made here. Maybe their web site will indicate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Leggett & Platt

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I buy replacements from Leggett & Platt for repairs.

Every once in a while, my sales rep says something like, "That mechanism is made by us, but it's made in China for Chinese assemblies. We can't even get it here." The ones I get are made in USA as far as I can tell.

There used to be a guy here who runs a furniture store in DC Metro area. He sang highest praises for Hancock and Moore leather recliners.

Bradington Young is also highly respected. I replaced a mech in one a couple of years ago. Even though it was about 25 years old, the mech was still available from L&P. The owner was so glad to get his chair working again, I thought he was going to kiss me.

Like I said above, Furniture Brands is teetering on insolvency. It's brand names include Henredon, Maitland-Smith, Broyhill, Hickory, LaBarge, Thomasville, Lane, Lane Venture, Drexel Heritage, and Pearson. While it would be nice to help them out, I think it's risky to buy from a failing company as a warranty is only as good as the company behind it.

Barcalounger and Berkline have also gone under in the last couple of years. IIRC, Ashley has bought Berk's intellectual property and sent the manufacture off to their Asian plants.

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Holly- Kay

I have two Bradington Young recliners that we purchased about 15 years ago. I am very pleased with the quality. They are a subsidiary of Hooker furniture according to blackion's website. I also think Smith Brothers of Berne makes a good quality recliner.

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The news about Furniture BRands Int; is very disheartening to say the least. I had great experience with Broyhill and to a lesser degree Thomasville.

Rowe is also made in the US and while it might not be in the higher class with the others but from my research it is pretty good quality and American made.

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"I am looking to purchase two leather recliners (that don't look like your typical father's Lazy-boy) and am willing to pay the price of great quality build and great leather. "

You can look at the Stickley Morris chairs.
DH and I are very pleased with ours!

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Thanks to everyone for some great suggestions and information regarding manufacturers and quality. It's much appreciated!

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I am in the same boat as you, and am talking with an old gardenweb member (Duane Collie) on his furniture forum. He and his forum are a wealth of info about leather furniture. The store (mentioned earlier in this thread) is the Keeping Room and there is a furniture forum there. You can order directly from him if you desire.

Here is a link that might be useful: Funiture Forumm

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I gave up trying to find quality furniture at retailers. I took a clue from my sister who scans Craigslist for older furniture pieces of quality names such as named above, then has them reupholstered. Often the price comes out at about or a little less than buying something new retail.
For example I recently picked up a 1917 "settle" made of oak with intricate carvings on the sides. Had the horsehair, fabric batting and burlap under the fabric. Found an upholsterer who works with vintage furniture - to be sure it's a total rebuild but it still will come to under $1800. as a grand total. And, I will have a very unique piece of furniture.

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Holly- Kay

Kellie, DH and I are going to the Keeping Room tomorrow to try out the H&M Sanctuary sofa. Mr Collie has been very kind and has a wealth of information regarding furniture and leather.

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olive51, I'm late to respond (I'm new) but I couldn't help to reply. I have been buying my furniture from the same retailer for years. Vermont Woods Studios is a small company in Vermont that sells furniture made by a handful of different Vermont furniture makers. It's 100% american made and they even guarantee it for life.

I usually dont rave about companies online but I had such a good experience with them. I made a large order for bedroom furniture and when my bed wasn't as I expected, they took it back and replaced it without hesitation. I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of the furniture and the customer service :)

They have lots to choose from and I'd highly recommend them!

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Henkel-Harris has not gone out of business but is under new ownership. All their furniture is still made in America and still made in the same factory that it always has been (Winchester, VA). They are the furniture maker of presidents (in the White House, etc).

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I would say that anything made in a high qaulity local factory such as the Vermont Woods Studio is gernerally going to be superior to what you get from a mass production factory. In this case I am sure the owner is reviewing every order and I would also say in most cases you will get a better price. On the other hand some people prefer going with the large production factory even though they know they will ending up paying more. A brand name has been develioped over time but as a consumer you are paying for the development of that brand.

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Henkel Harris is still in business.

It would be a great shame if American consumers let such a sterling company go out of business.

Henkel Harris's reproduction furniture follows period styles and dimensions. Material, workmanship and quality are superb. Finishes on their pieces are legendary. Every piece in their collection is of heirloom quality that is worthwhile to pass down to future generations.

You would not find strange looking pieces like the ones made by some manufactures by modifying dimensions or "marring" details from different styles. The results often are ugly and comical.

In my mind, getting Henkel Harris pieces is next best than paying top dollar for authentic antique period furniture.

About 30 years ago we did extensive research for our first serious furniture and decided on Henkel Harris. We are very glad back then we stretched our budget and got some fine pieces. Over the years we added more pieces for different rooms.

We found once we are used to the quality, details, beauty, and enjoyment from Henkel Harris furniture, it is difficult to switch to other brands and manufactures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Henkel Harris

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Although, my two recliner by Bradington Young are not leather; they are now on third recovering and still work well. I believe they also come in leather. These chairs are comfortable and stylish in line. These chairs are from my mother and are at least 20+ years old. I do not know it they are made in America.

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