Garage Floor Seams: To Cover, Or Not To Cover ?

MM99July 22, 2013

Hi All:

I live in New England in a townhome that was built in 2005. I am planning to do an epoxy paint on concrete garage floor. I noticed that in my garage the concrete on the floor does not meet the concrete on the walls - its separated by some kind of black insulation/backer board kind of material. While degreasing and etching the floor, I noticed that water hitting the edges was getting drained out at these places. I was originally planning on using an epoxy-based concrete repair kit to cover all these open seams. However, now I am not sure if I should cover these or not ? In addition, I would also like to know what purpose they serve and if garage floor experts on the forums recommend leaving them the way they are ?




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As the floor expands due to temperature changes, this compressible material helps keep the floor from fracturing, or fracturing the foundation.
The floor should be sloped to a drain or towards the garage door to keep any water from pooling, but a little drainage through the expansion material can help keep the floor dry at the wall base. I wouldn't cover it.
However, this should not be the only way water is drained from the floor unless it is plumbed out as part of the drainage system.

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