Who Makes Best Futons?

kathy375September 29, 2008

I'm planning on buying a futon bed/sofa for a spare room which will double as a guest bedroom. I want to buy a futon that is comfortable to sit in and very comfortable for sleeping. What is my best bet?

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer!

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Sadly, I don't think such a thing exists...
"very comfortable for sleeping" and "futon" aren't two phrases that go together.

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Advertising? The only advertising I see currently is for Folger's Coffee.
And I don't sell futons or anything else and I do agree that there are some decent futons available. I have sat and slept in some that are fairly comfortable, but not quite as comfortable as an actual bed. I have also sat in some that were very uncomfortable and difficult to get up from. Frames are frames for the most part. They either fall apart easily and pull out easily or they don't, but don't do much for comfort. What makes the most difference with comfort is the mattress.
I am currently in the market for a futon as well. I am leaning towards an innerspring mattress with good padding. This seems to feel most like an actual bed. I think I've found something I like at Costco, but have to investigate a bit further before I decide.
Good luck on your search.

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Thank you for the responses. I did check out the futon that Costco and Sam's Club sells - it's from the same manufacturer. It does have an inner spring mattress. Personally, I found it less comfortable than a thick futon mattress made out of the high density foam.

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I was on here looking for futon advise! I see lots of ads on my page!!! :) Nasonex for your nose and frosty paws for your dogs!!!! And when you need a futon for something specific.....I believe there "is the best" of a bad situation!!!!

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