need quick help re: new garage door for good price?

dirtymartiniJuly 5, 2009

this is a cross post! I am also going to post this on the "home decorating" forum.

We planned on getting a new garage door "in the future." We just purchased a 70's style ranch that needs lots of renovating (read: lots of $$$). Well, our old garage door (solid wood, very heavy, but rotting in some spots) took a dump! :) My DH tried his best, but the tracks are all messed up and it is no longer even usable...we need a new one.

(sidebar: we live in south FL...high humidity, certain restrictions due wind/hurricanes etc.)

Went to LOWE'S today and found a carriage style (wayne dalton "ashburn" style, insulated...about $2500 with my DH installing it himself) but feel guilty spending this much when we could get a "decent" door (read: plain) for about $1200.

Thing is...this is our HOUSE for the next 15-20 years. I don't want to skimp...i want something pretty and with curb appeal. Also, the garage is a main focal point of our house. If it was a side garage, or if our house was so big the garage was negligible, I would maybe feel diffently.

I have googled and google...can't find comparisons! Do you have any tips or tricks? Can I order online (since my DH will install it himself?) I am not committed to Wayne Dalton brand, I am just using that as a point of refernce.

Remember, at Lowe's we can stretch out our payments for 12 months at zero interest (this is a surprise purchase, so we would like that) plus we have a 10% off coupon, so all of that comes into play.

Thanks for any help!

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I am getting a good amount of feedback on the home decorating forum. If you have anything to add, please post there! Thank you!

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We are in the middle of building a house and just ordered the Wayne Dalton 8300 model, but it is not in yet. We needed a 100mph wind rating and wanted good insulation (the r value is improved when they spray polyurethane not put in polystyrene). We are in CA, but I think in Florida some have told me that you may need to have a wind rating. The 9000 series the door salesman tells me is thinner and the ones that Lowe's sells. Also the 8300 gives you an R value of 11 and 25 gauge steel on both sides of the insulation. We wanted the 8500 which gives you a R-15, but they don't sell to the west coast.
I am only a homeowner, but have researched a lot. For 2 doors installation, Lift Master 1/2 HP openers and remotes price is under $3500. (also includes windows and qualifies for the tax credit so off about $750)... Good luck!!

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Its a defect in design ( and neglect) that the old wood door rotted.
The wood must never come in contact with moisture, not even close..
Plastic is good in this area, but UV rays are a problem..
Spend the $2,500 for the best(but do shop around), if I had the money, thats what I would do..
Another thing I would do is to rethink the need for a garage door - a huge expense, and for what ??? A modern motor-car just needs protection from the sun, and the ice and acid rain...
Why not just use a car port ? Unless you live in a high crime area - thats another discussion, and another problem..

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