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diggerb2December 5, 2007

I know this is off topic-- somewhat.

I'm looking for a forum that is geared to growing a home based business. I provide personal chef services, catering and baked goods from my home. (In ohio, I'm allowed to do the baking as long as my home capacity doesn't exceed 1000 loaves per hour. Catering is an extension of personal chef services where i do the prep for a party on site.)

eventually, i'd like to be able to afford to have a real kitchen/office from which i can work-- but i need to get sales up to about $50,000 to afford the additional overhead.

I really need to start to interact with other people that work from home in some nature of creative endeavor.

and was hoping to get directed to a forum that wopuld help with my needs.



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Are you a member of any small business associations? Can you leave cards in gourmet shops? Williams Sonoma, Sur La table, etc? You might also consider putting up flyers at athletic clubs or places where busy, high-income people congregate. Check out the food forums at Garden Web. Someone there is bound to have a suggestion or two.

Personal Chefs Network-www.personalchefsnetwork.com/
Check out their online bulletin board/forums

American Personal Chef Association-www.personalchef.com
Home to one of the largest associations in the United States, with user friendly forums, great materials, dedicated to the Personal Chef Industry
United States Personal Chef Association-www.uspca.com/
One of the largest Personal Chef associations in the United States, with a user friendly website, dedicated to Personal Chefs including information about starting a personal chef business

Tips on finding and hiring a Gourmet Personal Chef-
check out the forums here

AllExperts Questions & Answers-
Ask any question! Allexperts.com is the oldest & largest free Q&A service on the Internet. Find your topic then choose a volunteer to ask a question!
a)Business-B2B resources, start-ups...
b)Food/Drink-Recipes, wine, world cuisine...

Caretaker Gazette-www.caretaker.org/
wealthy people advertise for caretakers as well as chefs here. Might lead to a luxurious gig.

Craigslist-local announcements


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