Craftsman remotes will not work

red2partJuly 26, 2006

I have a craftsman garage door opener model 139.53975SRT

1/2hr. It was working fine until a couple of weeks ago & now neither of the remotes will work besides to open it. I have lost the manual so I am looking for help here. In order to shut the garage now, I have to use the button that is hardwired and hold it down until the garage shuts completely.

When it began to not work properly with the remotes, it would shut partially and then go back up again. Now it will not shut at all.

Any ideas of what I can try?

Thanks in advance!

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I think what you have is a problem with the sensors at the door. Each of them should have a small light. If one is lit and the other is not it is probably misalignment. They must be pointed at one another to work correctly. Tweak them a bit and see if you can get both lights on.

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Both of the lights are on, they're both green. So they seem to be aligned okay

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It is important that you look very closely at those green lights to make sure one is not blinking ever so slightly. It seems dumb but there are occasions where the sensor is receiving enough of the infrared signal to turn the light on but not enough to satisfy the logic board. You haven't mentioned if the main light on the motor unit flashes 10 times. If it does it verifies misaligned sensors.

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