Garage door fires up automatically

rickbrowneJuly 24, 2009

My old Craftsman Garage door opener (model #139.53615SR) is opening the door at odd times of the day and night by itself. I've changed the battery in the remote, but that hasn't stopped the problem. We have to lock the door now so if it fires up in the middle of the night it won't open, but of course every time we want to open it we have to manually unlock it first. Thought of changing the code on the remote and garage unit but can't find any switch panel in the unit iself or on the wall switch to do so, on the remote it's easy a panel slides away and I can change the dip switches easily. Can you help?

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The most common cause of this is a bad wall control or the wiring going to it. Remove the wall control and disconnect the wiring to the back to eliminate the wall control. You can eliminate both possibilities by disconnecting the wire going to terminal #1 on the back of the motor unit.

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The DIP switches for changing the code should be on the rear of the motor unit, beside the up/down force adjustments.
It can also be that something else in your area is using the same radio frequency that your remote control does and is triggering your door. Most GDOs work on a government-preserved frequency, making them susceptable to interference, though your transmitter isn't powerful enough to interfere with their equipment.

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If you have an old dip switch unit it might be time to upgrade to a rolling code unit.

There are only 256 combinations on the octal dip switch units, and they can be scanned through in just a few seconds to open the door.

The rolling code is the same thing used on cars now, and is very secure.

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