My garage is HOT!!!

cruzmislJuly 15, 2006

Hi All,

It's the middle of summer and my garage is stifling. Even though the door faces north and it's always closed it's astoundingly hot. I'm thinking it's hot because it isn't insulated. I have drywall but insulation was ever installed. Also the attic isn't insulated either. I was hoping getting some fiberglass or cellulose blown in would help my problem. Any advice?



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I don't know where you live, but I have a home in Palm Springs, California, wherer it was 121 last Saturday. I do woodworking in my garage, and I feel for you. I only go there on weekends, so the air in the house is off all week. When I got there on Friday night, the house was 95 inside and the attached garage was 130. The only difference between the two is that there is no insulation in the attic. the other issues "may" be the roll up aluminum garage door. however, it does have hard foam insulation.

I would say insulation in the attic would help your problem quite a bit. I added a window air conditioner, because even if I could get it down to 95 or so with insulation, it would still be too hot to work. I am going to add insulation myself, but not this time of year.

Good luck.

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I'm in SoCal as well and yeah - our garage got soo hot the last few weeks. We're looking into getting a solar powered vent fan. It'll just get the air circulating in the garage and that should help with the stifling heat. I know that's just one little idea - but it's something - and you don't have to pay for power to run it! lol

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radiant barrier goes up quick & simple and even with no insulation can make an amazing difference. All insulation is reasonable dollars for diy and quickly makes you feel better.

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ID sujest adding vents to the attic you have to keep air flowing you may need A ceiling , and air conditioning..........

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I have the same problem as J.
I live in Cypress Texas, a suburb outside of Houston, where it can really get hot here too. I donÂt need to go to the gym to use the sauna when I have my garage! :oÃ
I have been looking on the web for vents that can be installed in the bottom panel of the garage door, but I canÂt seem to find them anywhere. Also our house is a two-story and the floor of our bedroom is above the ceiling for the garage. Can someone please help and point me in the right direction?
I have just starting woodworking as my hobby but it is so uncomfortable to enjoy working in the garage during the day that I have to wait until the mid to late evenings when I turn into the "buffet" for all of the mosquitoes... and some of those things are as big as a Harrier Jet! IÂm glad Bug zappers helpÂ

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I had a spot where mosquito's hung out for some reason. Anyhow I caulked and sealed everything around there. Didnt seem to matter. Thought maybe they had a puddle in the wall or something. .. didnt matter - Still bunches of mosquito.

Left a 4 lb deli potato salad tub, half full of water, sitting there with a squirt of Lemon liquid dishwashing soap in it.

Mosquito's liked it well enough to go scuba diving. Bunch of dead ones in it. And they dont seem to hang out there anymore.

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I agree, mikie, I too have used dish soap to catch other pesky insects, it really works!

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