Alterna LVT Flooring from Armstrong

jcraw84263May 20, 2011

I am laying Alterna LVT over a vinyl tile, self-stick, floor. Floor is level and the old tile is well bonded. Armstrong recommends using their S-194 Patch Underlayment Leveler, but I cannot find it in my area's stores.

Question is: Can I use Henry 547 Universal Patch & Skimcoat or their 549 FeatherFinish, instead of the S-194? And which one will work the best (547 vs. 549)?

Thanks in advance.

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I thought you said your floor is level ?

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FeatherFinish can work as an embossing leveler, however Henry does not consider it as an option. Their 547 Universal patch and skimcoat is recommended, but only if you use their 546 Feather Edge ADDITIVE.\

On their website you will see a product 550 listed as EmbossPro specifically designed as an embossing leveler. I have no knowledge about the product or its availability.

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