2 liftmaster openers died - no motor sound, no lights

homeowner7July 18, 2011

Hi I have two LiftMaster garage door openers on my 2-car garage (openers are about 10-year old, it's the age of the house). They died a week ago simultaneously. I left the house in the morning when I closed the doors using the remote on my car, when I got home at night, they both died. Now when I try to access it through either the wall panel, or remotes, there is only a "click" sound on the unit, no motor action, and the lights on the openers (two 75-watt light on each opener) are dead too.

The indicators on both unit flash 5 times, which seem to indicate either motor overheat or RPM sensor problem. Pulled the plug for an hour and connected back, nothing changes.

I'm looking for advices... what could be wrong, and how to troubleshoot them... I know that there is probably no good news at this point :(

- Larry

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For them both to die at the same time it has got to be electrical storms or a power surge. You are going to have to pull the logic board on each one and check for burnt or missing traces on the printed circuit.

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I'd suspect a problem with the electrical circuit that they are plugged into (reduced voltage). Try running an extension cord to an outlet that you know is good and give it a try.

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OK. The problem was fixed a while ago. But I wanted to come back to this thread to put a closure to it so that other people having similar problems may see the resolution.

I ended up replacing logic boards on both units, which fixed the problem. It's a little confusing because the blinking LED (5 times) seemed to indicate a problem with RPM sensor, but since it's completely dead (no light, no motor sound), I reasoned the logic board must be wrong. I ordered 1 board to try it out first - I figured that $70 to troubleshoot the issue may worth it since the service guy I called asked for $80 just to come to look at it, if logic board needs to be replaced, it is $210 per board.

I spent a total of $140 to fix my 2 garage door openers.($70 each, including shipping). BTW, I did spend a little extra and bought 2 LiftMaster Surge Protector 990LM ($25 for 2 include shipping). That should prevent such inconvenience from happening in the future.

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