Craftman door opener 139.53962SRT

cscscscscscscsJuly 4, 2008

Hello All:

Great forum. I have two questions about my craftman 139.53962SRT garage door openers. I'll post the second one in a seperate note.

I have a two bay garage with two openers.

On one of my doors, when using the remote or the fixed button in the garge, the door will go down about 1-2 feet and then automatically reverse to the fully open position. Once returned to the open position the two light bulbs on the side of the motor will click on and off for a period of time. If I hold the fixed button inside the garage down the door will fully close but if I let go the door retreats back to the fully open position and the lights blink.

I disconnected the door from the track and it moves freely up and down. When closing manually half way down the door will the allow gravity to take over a close by itself. The spring looks good.

I have no idea what is going on but at least once today it worked fine.

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You have a door sensor problem. Make sure they are pointed directly at one another and the small light on each one is lit.

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None of the remotes for my 139.53962srt (same as above) are working and neither is the keyless remote I set up. The button on the inside wall DOES work. So I'm thinking the radio board or logic board is at fault. What's it mean when the green LED on the wall button blinks at 2 or 3 times/second all the time? I tried removing then reapplying power - no change. I've downloaded the manual - nothing in there about the quickly blinking LED.

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Did the problem just start after you "set up" the keypad?

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