tar driveway question

andrelaplume2July 25, 2008

We bought a home with a 20 year old 1000 sq ft tar (paved)driveway. Its pitted in some areas and when it rains we get puddles here and there. The one side is starting to crumble at the edge. There are cracks here and there. Nevertheless its not horrible and on par with our neighbors.

The prior owner must have sealed it before we moved in and did a poor job. It drives my wife nuts to see all those brush marks...though maybe that inevitable...not sure. I had a guy out who left an estimate while I was away at work. It said they would grind up the old tar, haul away, add stone to 5" and level and re-pave with 2.5" to 3.5" street grade tar. Cost is about $2.5K

Alternatively, he also said he would reseal as best he could for $170.

My questions are:

1) What does resealing do other than to make the color more uniform and appease my wife!

2) I thought they could just repave right over top...no?

3) How do you know when its really time to rip it out and repave?

It is functional. Personally I do not see us repaving for 2.5K. If the resealing is worth, can I ask why?


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1. sealing makes it look nice, for a season or two.
2. grinding down will reduce the build-up effect ( you probably don't want the new surface several inches higher than it is now) and allow for a more even surface.
3. that's what #2 is doing

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