Sealed attic in garage without vents - is this okay?

daggerJuly 16, 2012

I recently remodeled my unfinished garage, which created some attic space. However, the part of the attic is actually sealed with drywalls. I guess the contractor decided to block hard to reach attic space for now, but anyway that is the end result.

I just realized that there are no vents in that sealed area and I'm wondering if it is okay. I know the air trapped inside will get hotter during daytime, but so far under the July sunlight, it is not too bad (actually cooler than before without drywalls).

I also read about moisture issue during winter, but will it be an issue for a garage, which won't be heated? Any other potential issues?

Should I be concerned and install vents? Or other than the higher temperature, I should be okay?

BTW, I live in California (8-9 months of dry season then rainy winter) if the weather matters. Thank you.

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Trouble is, it is probably not truly sealed. There is always some air exchange with the outside. As a result, the air up there will vary not only in temperature but humidity, over time. Which raises the possibility of condensation in the attic, under the roof, inside the walls.

This is assuming the insulation is on top of the ceiling, not inside the roof itself. If so, the attic should be vented. If the insulation is in the roof, it's basically another interior room, and should be sealed up.

Is there any venting in the soffits? i.e. under the overhang of the roof, visible from outside as perforated soffit or individual vents.

Are there roof peak vents?

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